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Christoph Grainger Herr, CEO Replica Omega Watches

We have actually reconfigured the building a few times since our opening. We have the luxury of creating the most efficient and intuitive work environment. This has many benefits, including quality and the experience of our craftsmen.Omega Replica Watches We are currently assembling the 150th anniversary Portugieser Chronograph in one place for this year's launch. This will give us insight into how to improve the setup. It is a learning space that can be remodelled as we require and this is a totally different model from that of a traditionalmanufacture

Line for movement assembly

Are you going to be based there?

I wish I could be based somewhere. [Laughs] Despite the fact that I travel a lot, sometimes I feel like I don't have a base in one place. However, I do visit the building Chopard Replica Watches once to twice per week with the team to look around and talk to people. The next step is to digitally transform the building in order to be in touch with everyone across the globe. My dream is to be in a position to broadcast direct-broadcast questions-and-answer sessions to people from any country. We are working on this.

Peter Neukomm is the Mayor of Schaffhausen, Christian Amsler is the District President, and Christoph Grainger Herr was there at the inauguration.

Fabian Cancellara with Grainger–Herr and Patrick Seabase as brand ambassadors

What is the purpose of the original buildingtoday

You must remember that the original building was built in 1874, and it has been extended 19 and a quarter times. It has been through two World Wars, seven technological revolutions, and survived the second World War. It is not the ideal manufacturing facility. It is nevertheless iconic as it was where we were established, and it will continue to be our spiritual home. This new building, however, is light years ahead of its predecessor. It is a modern space built to meet the needs and requirements of modern watch manufacturing in every way possible.

How can you balance technology and craftsmanship?

Watchmaking is not all about technology. No computer can accurately predict how a design will look and how it needs to fit onto your wrist. There are also steps in manufacturing where the human touch feels superior. If technology can be used to improve precision and quality, we'll look into that.

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