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This was viewed from the customer's perspective and we decided to make use of all channels and offer as many touchpoints as possible. There were only two to three distribution channels in the past. There are many distribution channels today, and they are constantly expanding. Our job is make each customer's experience the best. Our clients should be able to contact us at any time and in any manner they like.

It's not as easy as just browsing a brand online and then clicking to purchase a watch. It's not fashion. People don't buy eight watches to try and return seven. It doesn't BlancPain replica watches matter if the final purchase decision is made after a four hour conversation at multi-brand retailers or while sitting on a plane and looking at the website online via your mobile phone, I don’t mind. The clients will make that decision. It's all about providing customers with as many options as possible.

What have the results been like?

Our E-Commerce activities have been extremely successful so far. I believe replica watches our online presence compliments our offline presence. It is difficult to determine the attribution model, which will allow us to see how many offline purchases were influenced or not by multiple online experiences. We do know that more channels have a positive impact on the overall business.

Do you think this makes you piaget replica watches less attractive to women's watches than you were?

This perception is dependent on the market. We have offered ladies' watches throughout our 150-year history. The exception was for three to four years. That is, I think, a very small window. Ladies' watches are an important part of the market, and they are growing in our business.

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